A walk in the summer rain. 

Ideas, ideas…..ideas? 
Where to start? I’ve never written a blog before or really anything beyond highschool except for retail ads so yesterday I started thinking about ideas and I had tons! I went to bed excited about them and the fact that I had a plan (I’m always working on my organization skills but I still really suck at it). But right now I can’t think of a single one of those ideas, nor can I push through the fog surrounding the ideas.  

The thing with consuming weed you can be so much more creative in your thoughts and ideas because different strains are designed to send your mind towards thoughts you would normally be closed off from. Most of my best ideas come from when I’m consuming marijuana designed to tap into ones creativity. Yet if I don’t write them down I will likely not have the ability to recall them once I try to. 

Weed makes you forgetful!!! Your memory will suffer so you need to make adjustments so your forgetfulness does not cause you to loose those ideas or negatively effect your life because you forgot about the phone call telling you about the birthday on Saturday for your daughter’s friend. 

So – first rule for a BAKED mom – 


Not your phone or computer – weed is so much better when you get away from tech. The most boring thing I could do when using weed is be on my phone. 

I love a good sharp pencil and a journal filled with smooth quality paper. Often I find myself not only writing notes but also trying out hand lettering, or sketching (really doodling) or even writing poems. 

So if you are new to weed – search your place out for that nice journal you received as a gift and pick out a few different types of pencils (not all pencils are created equal) and get prepared for your first session with the green leaf. 

Today I spent the morning vaping “The Black” RHO in my KangerTech Evod with my notebook by my side, (my ideas came back to me) then took a walk in the warm summer rain with my pup Sunshine beside me. When was the last time you walked in the warm August rain? Been a while? Well there is no time like the present. 

Sunshine and I enjoying the summer rain in Grandma’s field. A beautiful Cape Breton glen.