Somedays are just F-ing Hard. 

Routine is important to me. My personality is such that I bounce from one thing to another, work on it for a while then bounce to something different. My perception for years was that multitasking is a good thing but as learned more about what makes me happy I discovered I am not a mutlitasker. If I try to be I just don’t get shit done. So my morning routine is sacred. I wake up, put on my water for tea, brush my teeth, drop the tea bags in, take Sunshine outside, come back in, pour the tea then head to my sunroom and turn on my old school deluxe daddy and get a bowl ready. Yep, I start every morning with weed. 

My morning routine came about naturally because I have migraines. I am a teeth grinder (I regularly visit a TMJ doctor so I have the bite plate, tried the massages (which I hated – I do not like people touching my face), never chew gum or subpar streak (only the expensive cuts for me) and never sleep on my jaw. Even with all that every morning I wake with a headache. I still do. Migraines are terrible to me they are debilitating   and getting a headache hardly ever stays as just a headache. So medicating with marijuana in the morning was a no brainer. For me THC and CBD are equally important to me. THC allows all the tension to drain completely out of my jaw – I need that bit of “Buzz” for that to happen. Once my jaw and muscles in my head start to release then the CBD does its job and takes away my headache. All before my two cups of tea are finished. Thank God for weed is all I can say. 

Before I added weed to my routine my day went like this – wake with headache, delay in bed as long as able then get girls up. One daughter is a morning person, the other has PJs that say “Bear in the morning”. So of course there would be a fight at some point in time. I still have my headache, I yell, they yell, then we are all late and the girls miss their bus or one of them is crying. Get f-ing start to the day. Almost everyday. It was hell. 

Now I’m up an hour before the girls, I do my routine and get them up gently one at a time. I’m happy and pain free so I can focus entirely on them and divert any teenage sister agnst as it arises. No more tears, no more missed buses and happy kids going to school.  Yep – mornings are pretty awesome most days in my house. Thank you weed. Both you and my family appreciate you very much. 

Tip for a BAKED MOMWeed can be the perfect way to start your day. Weed is not alcohol – nothing at all like it. There is no 5 o’clock somewhere rule. 

Weed is medication: whether it is to treat headaches or used to help create happy, stressfree mornings  – use at the time of day best for you and your life. 

The last three mornings have been really nice for me as I tried a new strain, Greasy Pink Buddha from a new dispensary,

I really like it and I really liked how quickly everything arrived (3 days from one side of the country to the other). If you have worries that your mail lady will know you get weed, don’t. There is no smell, no branding, no store name listed. There never is. I bought something else but that is another post. 

‘Greasy’ Pink Bubba  (don’t you love pot names, they are never boring) is mostly an indica (more relaxing) strain – and I typically don’t like an indica in the am but this one was different. I felt relaxed, positive and productive while using it. It was easy to get up and moving – checking one thing off after another on my goals for the day and I enjoyed all tasks. Not all strains can do that. A word of warning however. This is not a beginner weed. I’ve use weed daily for years and this made me feel high – no small feet as I rarely feel “stoned” or “high” even with high THC numbers – but I did with ‘Greasy’ Pink Bubba. So unless you are experienced put this one on a list to try someday – otherwise it will likely be too much for you. Not knowing what strain you are receiving and not reading reviews or getting advice from a budtender are the main reasons people have a negative experience with weed. You can’t just buy whatever – read reviews – go to Leafy – then choose. There is no shortage of info available.  

Anyway I’ll be ordering from again. They have a great product, are quick and they have good, comparable prices. Can’t ask for more than that. 

Have a great day everyone, 



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