How aggressive is a beaver? 

For most people new to marijuana their biggest question is “Where to start and how do I get it?”   

I was lucky – my first experience with weed was easy. At the start of a family vacation visiting my younger sister in Rossland, BC, I took yet another migraine (a common occurrance after flying. Smart baby sister she is, Lindsey gave me a joint and my world was changed – a typical three day migraine was brought low with a few puffs. When I returned to Nova Scotia a friend of mine hooked me up with weed from his supplier. It took me a while before I had enough courage to ask my doctor for a prescription. This happened 5 years ago and Doc was hesitant to provide it, even though he was intrigued by my PAX Vaporizer he didn’t feel nativagting all the paperwork (5 years there was a lot of it) was worth it for me. He was encouraging though and told me to feel comfortable using it and not to worry, the police were not looking for a mom suffering from migraines to charge. It took me another 3 years before I’d ask him again and in the meantime I obtained my weed from unregulated local suppliers and through the mail in tuna cans (yes sealed tuna cans). I had great experiences and not so great. After a not great experience I went back to my doctor and told him I wasn’t comfortable receiving my weed without knowing what I was getting and where it was grown. I wanted to be safe. He agreed this time for the prescription – only one piece of paper to fill out and fax in. Two days later I could order. 

When looking at dispensaries you should choose one that has lots of info on its products and suppliers. Not all dispensaries are created equal and for me I look for organic products and that the dispensary has a strong listing on Leafy (best marijuana website/app out there in my opinion).

Advice for BAKED Moms: Only choose to use a dispensary that has info on its suppliers and can provide results from a variety of different tests.  

If you are interested is what the tests mean Google will help you. For now though the potency test is the one that should interest you the most. It is pretty straight forward. The higher the number the greater the potency. This test will list the potency of THC (what is responsible for making your body or head feel tingly) and the CBD (the compound that helps with medicial conditions like epilepsy, fibromyalgia, PTSD, insomnia, etc.). 

Because legalization is so close in Canada there are a number of different options available for buy marijuana. One is to go to your doctor with a printed form from the dispensary of your choice and ask for the doctor to fax it in for you. If the doctor hesitates I’d explain you are looking for a regulated, safe supply for product and you want use this dispensary because it established and lots of information on strains, suppliers and different methods of consumption. 

If you choose to go the doctor route all medical dispensaries should have a medical form for you to print off on their website. Take it to your doctor and have them fill it out and fax it to the dispensary (fax must come from the doc’s office). Once the dispensary receives the fax you are good to go. I get the majority of my product from MMJ Total Health Care in Vernon, BC. They have a large variety of products (bud, wax, and tinctures are my fave) with great budtenders and a beautiful storefront (my sister and I visited them the last time I went to BC) and clear website. The staff are super friendly and professional and the website is very easy to navigate. I place all my orders on-line and they arrive to me in a plain white small shipping box. Oh and the best part – they have frequent sales!!! I love a good sale 💚.

Pictures of a beaver dam and den Sunshine and I discovered on our hike today. Marijuana and hiking go great together!! 

When you are ordering for the first time reach out to the staff for advice. It is so easy to “talk” to people through email, website chats or by calling them. A strong dispensary will have staff with hundreds of hours of training – so they know their stuff.  Don’t be shy – let them know this is all new to you. They will then take over, asking you a bunch of questions that will help them advise you on the best method and strain for you. Questions are about what you want to treat or experience (relaxation, motivation, more engery, increased sex drive, headaches, epilepsy, etc), how discreet you want to be, and how you want consume or use it. Marijuana people – Budtenders 😄 are always excited to introduce weed to new people. 

Another great option is go to a website like, or (I’m Canadian so only have experience in Canada).  I’m just in the process of signing up with these guys and after trying them out I’ll give a review on what I like. I’m excited about both as they have tons of variety with many herb, waxes, edibles, topicals, pills… pretty much whatever you could want and it is easy to find info on their suppliers.  

The ease of ordering makes me concerned as a Mom. Not for my own kids so much, but all for the kids who believe weed is cool and okay to use as a teen. The proposed legal age for using marijuana in Canada is 18. Too young in my opinion for brains that are still actively developing. My daughters understand the positive points of marijuana and also the negative. The also know my one rule: 

🎶 No weed before 23 🎶

If you live in an urban setting there are independent consultants you can contact to help you navigate the paperwork, the industry, the dispensaries and the scene (there are lots of fun activities to try like yoga, painting) in your city or town. They will take you through the first steps and teach you as you move along. I far from an urban centre but am sure if this option had been available to me I’d probably use it. 

Someone thinks she is a beaver. She isn’t – labradoodle she is. 

Vaping Chemdawq Sour Diesel Hybrid Veganic from MMJ Total Health Care on my desk top Deluxe Daddy. I haven’t used this strain a lot but it was great on my hike with Sunshine although I did get a bit anxious when we discovered the beaver dam and den. I’ve hiked along for years in the mountains in Cape Breton and rarely worry about wildlife. But I found myself wondering how aggressive and territorial are beavers? I am prone to anxiousness and for some, Chemdawg sour disel brings that out. I’m guessing it did for me today as I was worried my ankles would be knawed on by furious beavers. 

I have a book where I keep notes on the stains and wrote the experience down. Using a THC dominate strain before hiking is a standard for me since weed makes me so much more aware and opened to nature. In fact exercise and weed are an amazing combo. One of the first things you should try!! 

Hope you have an amazing day. 🌻 

I’ll leave you a something my great friend Rachel says often  – “Whatever you do today,  be sure to lead with love.”


A Baked Canadian Mom 


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