A “Baked” Canadian Mom

Hey all, I’m a Canadian mom of two daughters aged 12 and 14. My hubby works for a fly in fly out operation where he is typically away for 21 to 23 days and home for 8. It is not a way of life for everyone but it works for us. My husband says he likes it much better lately – but that is due to the fact both girls have hit puberty. 

I started using marijuana when I was 34 because of the progression of my migraines. It is a bit of a story which I will tell in the time ahead but I will sum it up quickly.

Marijuana changed how I live my life – as a mom, as a business woman, a wife, as a patient of migraines and depression, as a person – for the better. Even though there were and are down times. I’m proud I use weed. 
With my stories I hope to share a few of my experiences, helping you learn more about marijuana as we get closer to legislation. In no way am I an expert – but I do my best to be well educated on the easiest, safest and funnest ways to buy, smoke and bake with marijuana in a house with two teenage daughters.

Curious? Follow along, ask questions and share your thoughts. Conversation and weed are always great together!!


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